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Hot water systems

Does your Home need a hot water cylinder, hot water pipes installed and insulated or are you looking to fit a simple water heater? If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place. 

 Prothermal Contracts are experts in the workings and installations of numerous types of Hot water/ storage systems and are certified to do so.

There are so many manufacturers for hot water cylinders and we know exactly what is best to use for durability and cost.

Get in touch today for a free no obligation quote and survey of a Hot water system you are after. 

Hot water storage options

Vented Cylinders are found in a lot of older properties that run off a conventional boiler or back boiler. They are fed from a cold water storage tank in the attic making the pressure at your tap outlets determined by the head height of the tank. the higher the cold water storage tank then the greater the pressure.

These cylinders can also fail and leak which can result in having a new one installed. Another reason could be that you don't have a very large cylinder so upgrading to a larger Litre capacity is something you may have in mind. Either way, we would be happy to help you in this department

On the other hand, some homes don't have a high up tank causing the pressure and flow rate to be really weak. This can be one of the main reasons for upgrading to a combi boiler at this point. 

Unvented Cylinders are a Hot Water System that in most peoples opinion are the best system that money can buy. This is due to the amazing hot water pressure you receive to the tap outlets and showers in your home. They have an array of safety features on them and are usually confined to a compartment with all pipework and filing requirements in the same area.

They may not be the cheapest systems to have installed in your home but if you need to or decide to then you will see a great difference in your hot water outlets and especially showers and for filling baths in quick time, it's comparable to the same system you will find in a quality hotel.

 We expertise on the installation of these systems and have all the necessary certificates to sign off and service. Give us a call on 07539633018 or simply drop us an email to book in a free survey.

Water Heaters

A Simple but useful Instantaneous water heater can be installed in houses with no gas and supplied via an electric supply. Gas water heaters can be installed also.

These are great for installing in garages, outhouses, utility rooms, caravans and even in your own house as opposed to a direct hot water cylinder giving space and instantaneous mains pressure hot water.

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